Emergency Response Drill Exercise 2021

On 26th January 2022, the Headquarters of Peck Chew Group has carried an Evacuation Drill. The main objective of this Evacuation Drill is to give exposure and experience to all employees to on how to react and response if emergency situation happen. This Evacuation Drill also a training for Emergency Response Team to react and response appropriately and effectively during actual emergency situation. The Emergency Response Team divided into several division with specific roles such as Fire Fighter, First Aider and Logistic Team and every division were tasked with specific roles. During this year Evacuation Drill, the emergency situation chosen is the fire outbreak from welding area  and during evacuation process, one of the employee fell down due to fire smoke. After the evacuation process and employees headcount is done, the HSE Dept had conducted the firefighting exercise to give exposure for new staff on how to use fire extinguisher and also HSE Dept conducted the CPR Traning. As conclusion, the Evacuation Drill has achieved the target.