Pile & Installation



  • We provide installation of various type of pile such as Precast Concrete Pile consist of RC Square Pile and RC Spun Pile. Besides, we also provide construction of Cast-in-Situ Pile involving Bored Pile and Micro Pile.
  • We have capabilities to install Precast Concrete Pile RC Square pile size ranging from 150mm to 450mm while for RC Spun Pile is from 350mm to 1200mm.
  • Our machines are able to install Micro pile from 250mm to 400mm and bored pile ranging from 600mm to 3200mm.
  • We provide various installation method for example Precast concrete pile can be installed using hammer driven or injection method. Meanwhile for Cast-in-Situ pile are constructed by normal drilling method, reverse circulation drilling method (RCD) and Down-To-Hole hammer for micro pile.